Logs – barrow load, collect your own




One barrow load of logs, approx 35

Don’t need a full load of logs? Have them by the barrow load instead!

Approximately 35 logs per barrow, collect from the wood by mutual agreement.

Order as many barrow loads as you think you can carry.

Please specify any particular length requirements and whether you have a preference for fatter or thinner logs.


Our wood fuel is exclusively high quality locally indigenous hardwood, the bulk of which is generated from the thinning of ancient multi-stemmed trees. A typical load will comprise at least 80% ash. The remainder may include oak, field maple, hawthorn and/or hazel.

After felling and splitting the previous year, the wood is left to season in 1m lengths. Orders are then cut straight into the back of the truck for delivery enabling the logs to be cut to your preferred length.

Collection only

Once you place your order please get in contact to arrange collection.


All our trees are sustainably cut in accordance with our Natural England Higher Level Country Stewardship certification. In plain English that means every tree is felled for a purpose in line with our Forestry Commission-approved Woodland Management Plan. The prime aim of the plan is to enhance the health and ecological diversity of the wood.

Wood is cut and stacked to season over the year


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