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We reckon our new line of ‘deluxe’ logs are probably the best quality natural wood fuel money can buy! Produced from the butts of the bigger ash trees felled in the last 2-5 years, the logs are super-seasoned so will burn hotter and more easily than standard logs. They will also produce less smoke so are better for your flue and produce less air pollution. Being 100% ash and mostly with very straight grain, the logs are easy to stack and can be made into specially attractive ‘designer’ log piles. Our deluxe logs tend to be larger than the standard logs but can be very easily split with a hand axe if they are too big for your stove. As with the standard logs, the deluxe logs will be are cut to 6”-9” unless you specify otherwise..

Logs are delivered loose to anywhere with vehicle access. Free delivery to the villages listed. Flat rate delivery charge of £10 for anywhere else up to 12 miles from MK46 5JH.


Our wood fuel is exclusively high quality locally indigenous hardwood, the bulk of which is generated from the thinning of ancient multi-stemmed trees. A typical load will comprise at least 80% ash. The remainder may include oak, field maple, hawthorn and/or hazel.

After felling and splitting the previous year, the wood is left to season in 1m lengths. Orders are then cut straight into the back of the truck for delivery enabling the logs to be cut to your preferred length.


Free delivery to the villages listed. Flat rate delivery charge of £10 for anywhere else up to 12 miles from MK46 5JH.

Olney, Weston Underwood, Ravenstone, Petsoe End, Filgrave, Clifton Reynes, Emberton, Newton Blossomville, Tyringham, Gayhurst, Lavendon and Sherington.

When ordering products through the website it will assume a £10 delivery charge until you reach the step when you put your postcode in, if you qualify for free delivery it will deduct it from the order.


All our trees are sustainably cut in accordance with our Natural England Higher Level Country Stewardship certification. In plain English that means every tree is felled for a purpose in line with our Forestry Commission-approved Woodland Management Plan. The prime aim of the plan is to enhance the health and ecological diversity of the wood.

Wood is cut and stacked to season over the year

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Free Delivery, £7.50 delivery charge


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